NEW Beveled Waist + Toe Taps Sole For Goodyear Welt Men’s Shoes and Boots

? NEW Beveled Waist + Toe Taps Sole For Goodyear Welt Men's Shoes and Boots

Introducing our new ‘Violin’ shaped sole for Goodyear Welted shoes, featuring a beveled narrow waist and metal toe taps.

What is a ‘Violín’ sole?

As you know, most of our soles are flat at the waist. The bottom of the sole is simply a flat piece of leather running from the toebox to the heel.

With a fiddleback waist, the waist area is shaped. The sole is substantially thicker in the middle and then thins toward the edges, giving it a shape similar to a stretched-out U. Essentially, it appears convex when viewed from the side.

Fiddlebacks usually go hand-in-hand with a beveled and narrow waist, making the sole look like a
violin or fiddle, hence the name.

A Matter of Pride in Workmanship

We love the symmetry of it and how it plays to the shoe’s shape and curves by accentuating its features. However, as shoemakers, we know this may be the hardest detail to add to the shoe.

It is time-consuming, has to be precise in its shape, and needs to match perfectly on each shoe so that one does not differ from the other. This is not easy to do, but when done well it is very much worth the effect that the detail provides for both the customer and the maker. It is a sign of pride in your craftsmanship and a sign of elegance in your shoe.

Closed Channel Stitching

Closed channel stitching is a method of manufacture whereby the stitching from the Goodyear Welt Construction is covered by a small flap of leather, creating a clean and elegant look.

Creating a closed channel-stitched sole requires real skill and a high level of craftsmanship. Firstly, a fine cut is made into the oak-tanned leather soles. This cut needs to be the correct depth, not too deep yet not too shallow, approximately 1-2 mm. Once the cut is made the leather is moistened with water to make it easier to work with.

The flap created by the cut is then lifted up opening a channel, which is then ready to be stitched. Once stitched, the flap of leather is cemented and beaten down, giving a bespoke appearance.

Metal Toe Taps

Although they are considered mainly decorative additions, they serve a functional purpose. While the closed channel sole is a sign of quality shoes, it does have one flaw.

You see, in order to close the channel, you have to cut into the sole to make a very thin flap, as explained before. But closing that flap is ultimately done with shoe cement, which can be reopened over time, particularly in wet environments

The channel often starts to lift at the toes and works its way down. So getting toe taps actually helps to prevent that from the very get-go.

Available on all Goodyear Welt Shoes and Boots

Our Beveled Waist and Metal Toe Taps are now available on all of our Goodyear Welt Shoes and Boots.
You can create your own in our Design Your Own Studio, or you can choose any of our Goodyear Welt Designs in our Made to Order section and add the Beveled Waist via the Customize These Button

Do to the extra time and care it requires to achieve this stunning look, there is an up-charge of $50. per pair.



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