You already know about our Hand Made Patina Workshop. The Hand Made Patina finishing is available in all our shoe styles and it comes in three different finishings: Regular, Marble and Papiro.

We are proud to introduce the new Patina Intensity Selector feature on our 3D Custom Design Tool. You can now choose the “intensity” of the patina, that is, the amount of shadow or aging effect applied.
Two intensity levels are available: the Standard Patina Intensity and the new Dark Patina Intensity, with darker shadows and dimmer tones.


The Patina finishing is a hand made artisan technique, which ensures the uniqueness of each pair of shoes. The shades and intensity imprinted by the patina artist on each pair make them a real work of art and craftsmanship. Bear in mind that the 3D image on the designing tool is an approximate representation of the resulting piece of craftsmanship.

Patina Intensity selection is available for all Hand made Patina styles. You can use the new Dark Patina Intensity while designing a classic Oxford or a modern sneaker. Look for the Patina Intensity widget on the left side of the 3D Designing Tool. The widget is enabled only when designing a patina style. You will be able to choose between Standard and Dark intensities using the selector tool.

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