Exotic Leathers Now Available!

Introducing Exotic Skins From Robert August

We are excited to be announcing such an important milestone for Robert August!  We’ve teamed up with one of the bests skin processors in Europe to offer genuine exotic skins in our Made-to-Order program, including Alligator, Python and Ostrich skins.

That’s right! Genuine leather skins, painted by hand at our factory, matching our painted calf base colors.

Genuine Alligator Skin

Alligator mississippiensis” skin renders a very attractive and fashionable leather. The leather is strong, supple, durable and very expensive. A bony layer within the skin adds a protective shield, while a dimple on each scale makes a very exotic look.

Hailing from the Southeast USA and frequently harvested from farm-bred gators as well as from wild animals, American alligator skin is a classic, durable and versatile leather. The American alligator’s hide is the soft and more pliable material. This is because the skin of this reptile is less bony than the skin of crocodiles. This softness makes the alligator’s skin easier to work with than the skin of other reptiles, making it perfect to work with for cutting, stitching and folding.

Genuine Ostrich Skin

Ostrich leather is one of the worlds finest and most durable leathers. It’s a luxurious leather well known for its softness, flexibility and durability. In spite of its softness, Ostrich leather is unsurpassed for its tactile strength. It is, in fact, one of the strongest leathers available. Naturally occurring oils in the leather contribute to its durability, preventing cracking, even under extreme temperatures and sun exposure.

The main distinguishing feature of ostrich leather is the quill or feather socket markings. The “full quill” area of the leather is the most sought after and therefore the most expensive type of ostrich leather. The quill pattern is the result of large follicles which each contained a feather.

Genuine Python Skin

Snakeskins have always been very desirable for shoes because of the unique grain, scales, and color patterns. Snakes are skinned in two ways, cut down the belly scales leaving the small scales in the center, “belly” or “front” cut python, and cut down the back leaving the wide belly scale in the center, called “back” cut python. We use the “front” cut python.

The scales were the snakes protection from the elements and are essentially like a callous, dead skin. The size of the scale will vary depending upon the area of the skin cut. The scales have a “lip” open toward the tail that will grab and aid the snake in crawling. This lip is your assurance that the snake is genuine.

Animal Welfare Information

We source Exotic Skins from a processor that uses sound animal husbandry and humane animal treatment / slaughtering practices whether farmed, domesticated, or wild (managed). Also, leather suppliers must screen tanning processes against the LWG Protocol to ensure adherence to best environmental practices (https://leatherworkinggroup.com).


Artisan Hand Painting & Hand Cutting

Please, bear in mind, that each of individual skin is completely unique, our images and 3D textures are shown for illustration purposes only. Our artisans will hand paint and hand cut each shoe piece as per your request. Also, our hand cutting artisans will arrange the cutting patterns on the leather based on their own experience and craftsmanship. Please, understand that due to the above, there might be differences in scale pattern, size and tone between two different cuts.

Available Styles & Updates

Exotic skins are available on Goodyear Welted shoes only. We are rolling out this new feature on our 4 most iconic styles: Double Monk, Oxford, Chukka Boot and Chelsea Boot. All men dress styles will be available for exotic skin production on the following weeks. Stay tuned!


Why wait?  Start Designing Your Own Custom Exotic Shoes Now!

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