The Chukka Boot

The Chukka Boot is an ankle high boot with open lacing and two pairs of eyelets  While traditionally made of Leather or suede with a thin leather sole, you can find chukka boots in a wide variety of materials, and soles.

Custom Made Goodyear Welted Chukka Boots in Black Box Calf Leather with Nailhead Wool

How the Chukka Boots got their name.

It is believed that the name Chukka comes from the game of Polo ( a chukka is a 7 and a half minute period of play).  One theory is that the boots resemble the riding boots worn by Polo Players (They actually wear Jodhpur Boots). Another theory is that Polo Players prefered to slip them on after a game, as they were more comfortable than their riding boots.  As fans saw the players walking around town wearing these comfortable boots they came to call them Chukka’s.

The History of the Chukka Boot

Custom Made Goodyear Welted Chukka Boots in Dark Brown Genuine Alligator

With the similarities to the Jodhpur boot, and their association to off duty polo players, it is safe to assume that the Chukka Boot originated among the British Army Units stationed in India.

The Chukka boot was first worn in the United States by the visiting Duke of Windsor in 1924.  That the Duke had previously visited india and played polo and acquired a few pairs of the boots on his visit add credence to this theory.

Subsequently the Duke began to wear them regularly in public, adding to their popularity.

The British Army origins are reinforced by the fact during World War II the soldiers in their Desert campaign were issued a type of Chukka known as a Desert Boot. The main difference being the Desert Boot’s crepe sole

Whatever the precise nature of their origins, it can be agreed, that the Chukka Boot was designed to provide comfort and style.  Because of these qualities, the chukka boot became extremely popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The Chukka Boot in Grey and Navy Blue Luxe Suede

The Chukka Boot lives on as a comfortable alternative to be worn as both a casual and a dress boot.

With Robert August, you can create your own custom Chukka Boots, or browse our collection and choose one of our designs.


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