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Dear Fans and Family,

This is an update on the COVID-19 situation in Almansa (March 30th, 2020)

First, we would like to announce that  support and tech departments will continue to work remotely from home during the following weeks. Please, understand that this decision has been made to preserve the health of our employees.

We would like to emphasize the fact that remote work will remain unaltered, that is, you can contact us as usual about your orders, place new orders, etc. Our staff will remain fully operative and responsive.

Furthermore, we would like to make the most of every minute and continue building new and exciting features for our MTO program and 3D Designing Tool, that are scheduled during the following months.

This includes new features like Revamped Burnishing, Stencil Art and Digital Calf Printing. New style additions like the Moc Boot, the Flexi Loafer, the Chelsea Sneaker, or the Sport Moccasin.

Besides that, we will be launching “Belgravia”, our new goodyear welted shoe last, and the new EEE (triple extra) width.

Also, in an effort to stop the spreading of the novel coronavirus, the Spanish government have decided that non-essential factories should temporarily stop their activities for 8 working days. Unfortunately, this measure affects all shoe factories in Almansa.

Please, understand that some delays on the production of MTO orders might be expected, however, we will do our best to minimize them.

It is important to note that, during the 8-day temporary production break, we will continue to receive new MTO orders from clients worldwide; these orders will be queued for production and will be launched to production right away, as soon as production resumes after April 9th. That is, orders placed first will be manufactured first, on a first come, first served basis.

We would like to thank all of you for your understanding and patience, and remind you, again, that our team remains fully operative at your disposal. We will keep you updated on any news regarding our production and the COVID-19 situation in Almansa.

Robert Baum, President



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