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It’s about time to unveil our new project: The Goodyear Flex system!

Introducing the Flex system – a modern take on Goodyear construction. Designed with utmost comfort in mind while upholding the highest standards of quality and style set by the original method. Experience the innovation without compromise.

Want to know how it’s made? We cut one of the shoes in half and prepared a beautiful cross-section infographic.

With meticulous attention to detail, we painstakingly constructed the new Flex system from the ground up. Every aspect of the production was carefully scrutinized, ensuring maximum flexibility without compromising durability.

This process involved not only developing innovative production techniques but also creating new materials to maximize comfort. Flex shoes, crafted from Italian reverse calf suede, offer an unstructured and glove-like sensation. The soft, supple, and breathable suede leather provides exceptional flexibility. In fact, Goodyear Flex shoes can be considered as the epitome of comfort in our collection!

They feature our revamped Oil Leather Sole, which gives extraordinary flexibility and comfort.

As the name suggests, raw leather is oil-tanned and stretched before being cut into sole shapes. This artisan manufacturing process confers the Oil Leather Sole’s exceptional flexibility properties. Besides that, it’s hardwearing, long-lasting, beautiful, and can be customized with any of our available sole colors..

We released the new Flex system with 3 of the most sought-after shoe styles: The Chukka Flex, The Derby Flex, and The Loafer Flex. But stay tuned in, new styles coming soon.



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