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A last is a specialized three-dimensional tool used in the production of shoes. It is shaped like a human foot and is used to form the shape of a shoe during the lasting process. The last determines the fit and shape of a shoe, and is therefore an important part of the shoe-making process.

In the shoe-making process, the last is used to hold the upper part of the shoe in place while it is being attached to the sole. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather or other materials and is shaped over the last to give it its final form. The lasting process involves a series of steps, including attaching the upper part of the shoe to the insole, attaching the insole to the outsole, and shaping the shoe over the last to give it its final form.

The Robert August Last Collection

Featuring a Rounded Toe for a Traditional English Style

Featuring a Slightly Squared Toe

Featuring a sleek aesthetic with a slight chisel toe

Featuring a Chisel toe, Narrow Waist, and Cuban Heel