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The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 | Genuine Python


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We’re sorry but this item is currently unavailable due to shortages of materials needed to complete this design.  

Once we have the required materials we will place this item back in stock.


Introducing the ultimate urban chic footwear, The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776! This exquisite pair of sneakers is a manifestation of superior craftsmanship, unrivaled style, and timeless elegance. With its blend of luxurious materials and captivating design, these trainers offer the perfect fusion of comfort and fashion-forwardness.

Glamour meets functionality in every detail of The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776. Its toe and sides are adorned with the finest Grey Genuine Python, adding a touch of sophistication to your stride. The lilac canvas back effortlessly complements the python, flaunting a pop of gentle color that sets these trainers apart from the mundane.

Step into a world of refinement with the impeccable Grey Nappa Leather trim, completing the distinctive look of these trainers. The graphite eyelets are not just functional, they add an edge of contemporary allure to the overall design. And the grey laces add the perfect finishing touch, tying the whole ensemble together seamlessly.

But The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 is not just about aesthetics – it offers a luxurious experience for your feet as well. The lilac leather lining provides a soft embrace for your feet, ensuring utmost comfort with every step. And the contrasting white cupsole brings a sporty twist, granting you both durability and flexibility, making your every stride an effortless one.

Versatile and fashionable, The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 is perfect for the modern trendsetter. Whether you’re strolling along the city streets, attending a social event, or simply running errands, these trainers effortlessly elevate your style game.

Designed for individuals who seek to make a statement with their fashion choices, The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 is the epitome of urban sophistication. It caters to individuals who refuse to compromise on quality or style. With its unique combination of materials and attention to detail, these trainers are a testament to your impeccable taste and discerning eye.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your shoe collection with The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 and let your individuality shine through. Embrace the allure of genuine python, the comfort of premium leather, and the confidence of cutting-edge design. Step into a new realm of unparalleled luxury and make heads turn wherever you go. The Bryn Mawr Ave. Trainer No. 5776 – because exceptional style deserves exceptional footwear.

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