Our Story

The Art of Hand Patina Finishing

What could be better than owning a beautiful pair of shoes? Owning a pair of shoes that no one else in the world has!

Robert August represents the Fusion of 21st Century Technology and Traditional European Craftsmanship.

With our 360° Design Studio, Robert August gives you the ability to design a completely custom pair of shoes. You can create literally Billions of different designs.  From a pair of custom Wingtips to Chukka Boots and even Trainers, Robert August lets you express your own Unique Style.

Every pair of Robert August Shoes are Handcrafted to order in our workshop in Almansa Spain, with a history of artisan shoemaking dating back to the early 18th century. Robert August uses only the finest leathers from tanneries in Italy, Germany, and Spain and sartorial fabrics from the most prestigious mills in Italy, France, and Belgium.  Our craftsmen then transform these materials using generations of knowledge and skill to create an exceptional pair of shoes unique to you.

Originally founded in Las Vegas NV in 2013, Robert August worked exclusively by appointment and provided Luxury Custom Menswear, including Handmade Suits and Dress Shirts.  After years of research and design, Robert August finally added custom-designed footwear and accessories with the ability to offer our items to a worldwide market. 

In 2021, now headquartered in Chicago IL, Robert August added their collection of Luxury T Shirts and apparel, made here in the USA.