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Frequently Asked Questions

You have Questions, we have answers! 

About Our Products

The process is quite simple. If you want to start your own design from scratch, start at our Design Your Own page and choose the style you would like, then follow the prompts to select the finish and construction options before you are lead to our 360 Degree design studio where you can choose materials and details of your own custom shoe or boots.

This is even easier! If you find a pair in our catalog that is “almost perfect” click on the Customize Them button and our 360 Design Studio will open up with all the pre-designed options already selected.  Then all you have to do is select the details you want to change then add them to your cart.

All of our custom shoes and boots are made from the finest quality Calf Leather from the best tanneries across Europe. We also use the highest quality Sartorial fabrics to add a special flair to your creations.

Robert August Shoes are made in a small village of Almansa in Eastern Spain with a long history of producing the finest quality leather goods.  Many of the most well know European luxury brands depend of the craftsmen in this region to produce their high quality footwear 

Robert August shoes can be ordered in four different sizing Scales. US, UK, EU and Japan, giving you the option to order in a scale that you recognize.  Our Men’s Sizes range from a US 5 (EU 38) to a US 17 (EU 50) , and a Women’s US 5 (EU 35) to a US 12 (EU 42)


Some designs my have a smaller range of sizes.

Our shoes are made true to size. If you typically wear a size 9, you can order a size 9 in our shoes.


We have also partnered with Feetsizr a new app that will help you choose the right size for your foot.

Exceptional quality shoes can last a lifetime, but only if they are properly cared for.

Conditioning Your Shoes

First use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt from your shoes. After cleaning, gently wipe with a soft polishing brush. Remove the shoe laces and condition your shoes with a natural shoe wax to soften and moisturize the leather, until the entire shoe surface has been covered. After a few minutes, wipe off any remaining wax. Ideally, one should condition one’s shoes once a month, particularly if you are wearing the shoes regularly.


Apply polish to your shoes sparingly and in circular motions with a small brush or cloth. Pay particular attention to the areas around the toe and heel. Allow the leather to absorb the polish. Buff your shoes with a brush, and then follow with a cloth, using a sawing motion on the surface to give the shoes an extra gleam and shine.

Patina Care

Use a brush to gently clean any dirt. Use a cloth to remove any dust or surface dirt. Remove the shoe laces and apply clear wax over the whole shoe with a small brush to condition and soften the leather. After a few minutes, wipe off and give it that extra buff with a cloth to give your shoes a soft shine.

After Care

Straight from our expert cobblers, here is a little advice to make sure your sartorial investments stay in mint condition. Invest in a pair of shoe trees to absorb moisture and keep the shape of your shoes in the wardrobe. Always use a shoe horn when slipping into your soles to protect the heel. Exceptional quality leather shoes can last a lifetime, but only if they are properly cared for. And then, like a fine wine, they will only get better with age.

All About Shoe Polishing

Your shoes will arrive in a Robert August box with a  cotton dust bags for every pair.

Our shoes are sold exclusively at or at our registered stockists. Shoes purchased outside of these channels may well not be a genuine product of Robert August and therefore none of the said policies apply.

If you change your mind after your original order placement, please contact us within 24hrs highlighting the change required. We will do our best to amend your order before it’s dispatched. We cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

Please see our Returns Policy section.

Yes – we ship worldwide via DHL

Please note that colours on our website will vary slightly depending how your monitor is calibrated. We do our very best to make sure all our images are true to the actual product you are purchasing but we cannot guarantee a perfect match every time due to almost limitless variations in home monitor set ups.

Also, we work with natural materials (leather hides), each leather hide can vary and accept antiques creams/dyes differently, a slight colour variation may accrue, this is out of our control, we do our best to keep this as consistent as possible.

Yes, you are responsible for any custom duties and import taxes required but the customs agency of your country. Each country has different regulations regarding taxes and duties.

The usual production time is about 3-8 weeks. Remember that you are purchasing a made-to-order pair of shoes, that is, your pair is not produced in advance, every part of it will be hand-crafted, exclusively for you, after submitting your order. From start (leather hand cutting) to finish (sole stitching).

Also, bear in mind that some customizations and artisan methods (i.e Patina Finishing) are more time-consuming than others. If you customize your order with them, we might exceed the standard manufacturing time. 

We also now offer our Express Lane Option with a two-week delivery time frame