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Sizing Tips

Quick Tips:

  1. Don’t forget to try the FeetSizer App!
  2.  If you are between sizes, order the larger size and request our custom insoles
  3. Lace-ups, boots, and sneakers tend to fit true to size.
  4. Loafers, Belgian slippers, boat shoes, and drivers tend to run a 1/2 size small.

Here at Robert August our footwear fits true to size, which means you should order the size you usually wear or, more specifically, the size that appears most frequently in your closet.

If you are unsure of your size we’ve compiled some helpful information here for you. Don’t forget we also have partnered with FeetSizr  you can use their app to measure your feet and use that information to order your shoes. More information here.

Measure Your Foot

Footwear Measurements

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthBall Girth EEE WidthFoot Length
US 5238mm232mm241mm245mm238mm
US 5.5241mm234mm243mm247mm241mm
US 6245mm236mm245mm250mm245mm
US 6.5248mm238mm247mm252mm248mm
US 7251mm241mm250mm254mm251mm
US 7.5255mm243mm252mm256mm255mm
US 8258mm245mm254mm259mm258mm
US 8.5261mm247mm256mm261mm261mm
US 9265mm250mm259mm263mm265mm
US 9.5268mm252mm261mm265mm268mm
US 10271mm254mm263mm268mm271mm
US 10.5275mm256mm265mm270mm275mm
US 11278mm259mm268mm272mm278mm
US 11.5281mm261mm270mm274mm281mm
US 12285mm263mm272mm277mm285mm
US 12.5288mm265mm274mm279mm288mm
US 13291mm268mm277mm281mm291mm
US 13.5295mm270mm279mm283mm295mm
US 14298mm272mm281mm286mm298mm
US 14.5301mm274mm283mm288mm301mm
US 15305mm277mm286mm290mm305mm
US 15.5308mm279mm288mm292mm308mm
US 16311mm281mm290mm295mm311mm
US 16.5315mm283mm292mm297mm315mm
US 17318mm286mm295mm299mm318mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthBall Girth EEE WidthFoot Length

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthBall Girth EEE WidthFoot Length
US 5238mm228mm237mm241mm238mm
US 5.5241mm230mm239mm243mm241mm
US 6245mm232mm241mm246mm245mm
US 6.5248mm234mm243mm248mm248mm
US 7251mm237mm246mm250mm251mm
US 7.5255mm239mm248mm252mm255mm
US 8258mm241mm250mm255mm258mm
US 8.5261mm243mm252mm257mm261mm
US 9265mm246mm255mm259mm265mm
US 9.5268mm248mm257mm261mm268mm
US 10271mm250mm259mm264mm271mm
US 10.5275mm252mm261mm266mm275mm
US 11278mm255mm264mm268mm278mm
US 11.5281mm257mm266mm270mm281mm
US 12285mm259mm268mm273mm285mm
US 12.5288mm261mm270mm275mm288mm
US 13291mm264mm273mm277mm291mm
US 13.5295mm266mm275mm279mm295mm
US 14298mm268mm277mm282mm298mm
US 14.5301mm270mm279mm284mm301mm
US 15305mm273mm282mm286mm305mm
US 15.5308mm275mm284mm288mm308mm
US 16311mm277mm286mm291mm311mm
US 16.5315mm279mm288mm293mm315mm
US 17318mm282mm291mm295mm318mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth Ball Girth Ball GirthFoot Length

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthBall Girth EEE WidthFoot Length
US 5238mm226mm235mm240mm238mm
US 5.5241mm228mm237mm242mm241mm
US 6245mm231mm240mm244mm245mm
US 6.5248mm233mm242mm246mm248mm
US 7251mm235mm244mm249mm251mm
US 7.5255mm237mm246mm251mm255mm
US 8258mm240mm249mm253mm258mm
US 8.5261mm242mm251mm255mm261mm
US 9265mm244mm253mm258mm265mm
US 9.5268mm246mm255mm260mm268mm
US 10271mm249mm258mm262mm271mm
US 10.5275mm251mm260mm264mm275mm
US 11278mm253mm262mm267mm278mm
US 11.5281mm255mm264mm269mm281mm
US 12285mm258mm267mm271mm285mm
US 12.5288mm260mm269mm273mm288mm
US 13291mm262mm271mm276mm291mm
US 13.5295mm264mm273mm278mm295mm
US 14298mm267mm276mm280mm298mm
US 14.5301mm269mm278mm282mm301mm
US 15305mm271mm280mm285mm305mm
US 15.5308mm273mm282mm287mm308mm
US 16311mm276mm285mm289mm311mm
US 16.5315mm278mm287mm291mm315mm
US 17318mm280mm289mm294mm318mm
D WidthFoot LengthFoot Length

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthFoot Length
US 5238mm222mm231mm238mm
US 5.5241mm224mm233mm241mm
US 6245mm227mm236mm245mm
US 6.5248mm229mm
US 7251mm231mm240mm251mm
US 7.5255mm233mm242mm255mm
US 8258mm236mm245mm258mm
US 8.5261mm238mm247mm261mm
US 9265mm240mm249mm265mm
US 9.5268mm242mm251mm268mm
US 10271mm245mm254mm271mm
US 10.5275mm247mm256mm275mm
US 11278mm249mm258mm278mm
US 11.5281mm251mm260mm281mm
US 12285mm254mm263mm285mm
US 12.5288mm256mm265mm288mm
US 13291mm258mm267mm291mm
US 13.5295mm260mm269mm295mm
US 14298mm263mm272mm298mm
US 14.5301mm265mm274mm301mm
US 15305mm267mm276mm305mm
US 15.5308mm269mm278mm308mm
US 16311mm272mm281mm311mm
US 16.5315mm274mm283mm315mm
US 17318mm276mm285mm318mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthFoot Length

Foot LengthBall Girth D Width
US 5238mm227mm
US 5.5241mm229mm
US 6245mm231mm
US 6.5248mm233mm
US 7251mm236mm
US 7.5255mm238mm
US 8258mm240mm
US 8.5261mm242mm
US 9265mm245mm
US 9.5268mm247mm
US 10271mm249mm
US 10.5275mm251mm
US 11278mm254mm
US 11.5281mm256mm
US 12285mm258mm
US 12.5288mm260mm
US 13291mm263mm
US 13.5295mm265mm
US 14298mm267mm
US 14.5301mm269mm
US 15305mm272mm
US 15.5308mm274mm
US 16311mm276mm
US 16.5315mm278mm
US 17318mm281mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth D Width

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthFoot Length
US 6245mm234mm243m245mm
US 7251mm239mm248mm251mm
US 8258mm243mm252m258mm
US 9265mm248mm257mm265mm
US 10271mm252mm261mm271mm
US 11278mm257mm266mm278mm
US 12285mm261mm270mm285mm
US 13291mm266mm275mm291mm
US 14298mm270mm279mm298mm
US 15305mm275mm284mm305mm
US 16311mm279mm288mm311mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth Ball Girth Foot Length

Foot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthFoot Length
US 5238mm234mm243mm238mm
US 6245mm238mm247mm245mm
US 7251mm243mm252mm251mm
US 8258mm247mm256mm258mm
US 8.5261mm249mm258mm261mm
US 9265mm252mm261mm265mm
US 9.5268mm254mm263mm268mm
US 10271mm256mm265mm271mm
US 10.5275mm258mm267mm275mm
US 11278mm261mm270mm278mm
US 11.5281mm263mm272mm281mm
US 12285mm265mm274mm285mm
US 13291mm270mm279mm291mm
US 14298mm274mm283mm298mm
US 15305mm279mm288mm305mm
D WidthFoot LengthBall Girth D WidthBall Girth EE WidthFoot Length

Comparing Lasts

When comparing two different shoes you should know that, despite their external differences, the inner shape is the key element when it comes to fitting.
See below a comparison between two Wholecut shoes as an example, both with the same size (42 EU).
As you can see, the long and narrow toe shape of the 773 last generates a larger blind / unused space at the toe. How much space you have in front of the toe varies depending on the type of shoe and its toe shape.
That is why, even though the shoe on the right is 1 cm longer (total length measured from the heel to the tip of the toe) both shoes are effectively the same size.
Admittedly, there’s no point in comparing the fitting of two different shoes only based on their total length.
The one on the left is made using the Zurigo Last (rounded toe) and the other one uses the 773 Last (long chisel toe).