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Introducing our NEW Storm Welt for our Goodyear Welt Styles

Introducing the latest addition to our collection of welt styles: the Storm Welt. We’re thrilled to expand our selection beyond the current Dress, City, and Country styles. Now, most of our Goodyear Welted shoes can showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the Storm welt, with only a few exceptions due to manufacturing constraints. Experience the impeccable quality and timeless elegance that this new option brings to our range.

The welt in well-constructed shoes is a leather strip that runs around the outsole. Its main purpose is to securely attach the upper to the outsole, enhancing durability and functionality.

Discover the latest Storm Welt option in the Sole/Welt selection widget, conveniently positioned at the bottom right of our 3D Designing Tool. Depending on the specific shoe style being crafted, you’ll have the freedom to select from a variety of welt styles. As always, personalize the welt color with choices including Black, Brown, Brick, and Natural shades. Enjoy the versatility and creativity in designing your perfect shoes.


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