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The Argyle St. High Top Sneaker

Custom Made Men's High Top Sneakers

The Argyle St. High Top elevates the classic sneaker profile – literally and figuratively – enveloping youthful energy for an easy, casual vibe. Perfectly crafted for leisurely, laid-back occasions.

The Argyle St. High Top Sneaker is custom made to your liking, bringing you fashion and comfort in one tidy package. Featuring a rubber cupsole for extra padding, these high tops look great with a pair of jeans or shorts, allowing you to express your style even while enjoying a comfortable fit. From the sole up, these custom sneakers were made with you in mind: they come in colors that will match any outfit and provide all-day support when it matters most. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park or going out on the town – the Argyle St. High Top Sneaker has you covered!

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