The Bosworth Ave. Low Kick Sneaker

Custom Made Men's Low Top Trainers

The Bosworth Ave. sneakers are a winning mix of style and comfort. Featuring minimalist design and top-quality materials, they’re a perfect fit for any outfit. The molded footbed gives your feet an extra boost of comfort, while the padded collars deliver the flexibility and support you crave.

Designed for your everyday life, the custom made Bosworth Ave. Low Kick Sneakers are perfect for every need. Crafted from the best materials available, these shoes feature a hard-wearing rubber cupsole and low tops to keep your foot comfortable at all times, making them ideal for those who are constantly on the move. Featuring an eye catching design, these trainers will be sure to add an extra flair to any outfit. Whether it’s running errands or conquering mountains, the Bosworth Ave. Low Kick sneakers will take you there and beyond.

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