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The Oak St. Moc Toe Boot

Custom Made Men's Moc Toe Boots

The Oak St. Moc Toe Boot, originating from the USA, is a vintage lace-up ankle boot that first gained prominence in the 1930s. With its unmistakable moc toe and sturdy outsole, this footwear creates a timeless silhouette.

The Oak St. Moc Toe Boot is custom-made for men who want a timeless, sophisticated look. These boots are fashionable yet comfortable as they have a built-in cushioning system with a lightweight feel to them. The signature feature of these moc toe boots is the perfect stitching that runs from the collar down to its custom tread sole, which make them last for years with proper care. With the highest-grade leather and perfect design, the Oak St. Moc Toe Boot provides an unforgettable walk experience with an effortlessly stylish finish.

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