Black Shoe Trees


Due to Shipping Costs Shoe Trees are only available as an add-on with the purchase of footwear.

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Introducing the Black Shoe Trees from Robert August, perfect for keeping your shoes in pristine condition. These stylish, matte black shoe trees will smoothen out those unwanted creases and wrinkles that come with wearing and storing your shoes—all while looking fantastic. The all-black matte finish brings a deeper level of sophistication to these shoe trees, elevating their presentation and making them stand out among competition. Investing in a quality pair of shoe trees is also a great way to extend the life of your footwear investment—and what better than to do it with style?

Made exclusively with beech wood, these trees offer prominence in terms of durability and longevity: they hold their shape better over time, ensuring your shoe’s structure is kept intact. Perfect for both shoes at the end of a long day or those you’ve just taken out its box, the Black Shoe Trees from Robert August will keep them looking fresh for years to come.