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Shell Cordovan by Robert August

Take your wardrobe to the next level with luxury Shell Cordovan leather.

Discover your unique style by investing in something truly luxurious. Our Shell Cordovan leather is crafted from the world’s finest hides and hand-sported for superior quality and timeless craftsmanship. Not only will it turn heads, but its beauty and durability are unmatched. So, put your best foot forward no matter what the occasion.


Shell Cordovan leather from Robert August is a luxurious and dependable material that has been used to make high-quality shoes for hundreds of years. This leather is produced by tanning horsehide hides over an extensive period of time, which creates an incredibly durable and smooth material that is incredibly resistant to gaining scratches or other wear. Shell cordovan shoes can look great for decades with proper care and attention, making them perfect for formal occasions or as an heirloom piece. Additionally, Shell Cordovan’s natural properties make it perfect for luxurious embroidery and decorations that can be used to spice up any shoe style. Shell Cordovan leather from Robert August is stunning material that promotes luxury without sacrificing durability.