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Introducing The Harlem Ave. Oxford Sneaker!

We are delighted to announce some thrilling news! Introducing the latest addition to our Sneaker Collection – The Harlem Ave. Oxford Sneaker, a perfect blend of style and sophistication.

The Harlem Ave. Oxford Sneaker seamlessly merges timeless sophistication with modern comfort. This exceptional sneaker boasts a cupsole outsole unit that provides unparalleled support and durability. The upper pays homage to the iconic design of a classic Oxford shoe, resulting in a perfect balance of style and comfort. Indulge your fashion-forward sensibilities with this standout choice that offers both elegance and ease.

The Harlem Ave. Sneaker offers a truly personalized experience, allowing you to customize every detail. From the height of the cupsole to the style of the laces and even the color of the stitching thread, you have a range of options to choose from. Explore the endless possibilities and create a pair of sneakers that reflects your unique style and taste.



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