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New Service! Extra Toe Polishing Now Available

Robert August is proud to announce our new Extra Toe Polishing service to our made-to-order program.

A pair of well-shined toe caps is a mark of a meticulous individual. ‘Mirror Shine’ if you are already a connoisseur or ‘Glasagé’ if you are a specialist from over the English Channel. They all refer to the art of shoe shining and require the same attention to detail, the same patience and virtue, and the use of high-quality materials and shoe care products.

The mirror shine is applied to toe caps only, since applying the stiff waxes used for mirror lining across the flexing parts of the shoes, they will crack and crumble when you walk. This causes a very displeasing look, as opposed to an attractive shine.

Extra toe polishing is now available for any men’s dress shoes in our Chicago Collection when the toe cap is made with a smooth leather material, such as plain painted calf or box calf. You can request this extra service while designing your pair of shoes. Look for the “Extra Toe Polishing” tab on the “Accessories Widget” (bottom right).


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