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New Soles for our Goodyear Welt Collection!

Robert August is proud to announce the addition of two new soles available for our Goodyear Welt Collection. You can choose these new soles when customizing any of our Goodyear Welt Designs, or when creating your own from the sole up!

The Dots Sole

The Dots Sole mixes leather and rubber, which is injected in the form of small dots for added grip. The
Dots sole
is available in 12 different colors, all of which are hand-painted by our artisans.

The “Rocky” Sole

Our second new sole, the Rocky sole is completely made of rubber and features a lined tread pattern to create friction, which provides maximum grip and traction.

Both of these new soles are available on any of our Goodyear Welt Designs!


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