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New Trainer/Sneaker Last!

New Last for our Cupsole Models!

Introducing our latest innovation, the Smart Last, which has replaced the original Super last in our sneaker line. From today onwards, all new made-to-order (MTO) sneaker requests will be crafted using this cutting-edge last. Experience superior quality and style with our new and improved last option.

What is this about, you may ask? Describing the exceptional comfort of these new sneakers is no easy task. It truly brings joy to every step, making walking an absolute delight.

What has changed?

The shoe last has been redesigned, featuring new lines and volumes that greatly enhance comfort. Both sneakers appear indistinguishable on the outside, except for a subtle modification to the toe shape, resulting in a sleeker look.

To enhance comfort even further, we have incorporated lighter and more flexible stiffeners. Stiffeners are specialized materials inserted in the front (toe) and back (counter) of the shoe, which help maintain the shape and original appearance. Our new stiffeners render the toe and back areas softer and more flexible, allowing for easier bending and a heightened level of comfort.

We have made significant modifications to the inner insoles, improving comfort and cushioning. By redesigning the shoe last, we increased the inner space, allowing for thicker insoles. As a result, walking becomes even more comfortable. For the inner lining, we thoroughly tested various options before selecting the remarkably smooth and flexible new soft calf lining. This choice enhances the overall flexibility and natural feel of the shoe.

Instead of the original waxed cotton laces, plain cotton laces have been introduced. These new laces offer a softer and more stretchy feel, resulting in effortless tying and untying.

Finally, there have been exclusive adjustments made to the upper materials for sneakers. For instance, Painted Calf and Nappa materials have been refined to be thinner and softer, enhancing the pliability, flexibility, and smoothness of the shoes themselves. Additionally, we have replaced Box Calf with Nappa Leather and introduced a variety of new options, including Canvas, Metallic Calf, and even VEGAN leathers!



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