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New Trainer/Sneaker Last!

New Last for our Cupsole Models!

Our new Smart Last replaces the original Super last used in our sneaker line. Starting today, all new MTO sneaker orders will be produced using the new last.

But what’s this all about? It’s hard to explain how comfortable the new sneakers are. It’s really a pleasure to walk with them.

What has changed?

The shoe last has been re-engineered with new lines and volumes to boost comfortability. Both sneakers look the same from the outside, with just a subtle modification to the toe shape to make it sleeker.

We use lighter and more flexible stiffeners to improve comfortability.

Stiffeners are reinforcing materials inserted in the front (toe) and back (counter) to preserve the last shape and original appearance of the shoe.

New stiffeners make the toe and back softer and easier to bend.

Inner insoles have also been modified. The shoe last was re-designed to provide more inner space. This allowed the insole to become thicker, which translates to more cushion and walking comfortability.

In regards to the inner lining, we tested several options and ended up choosing the new soft calf lining. It’s amazingly smooth and pliable, which adds to the bendy and unstructured shoe feeling.

Original waxed cotton laces have also been replaced with plain cotton laces. They are softer and stretchy, which makes them easier to tie and untie.

Last but not least, some of the upper materials have also been adjusted exclusively for sneakers.

For instance, Painted Calf and Nappa have become thinner and softer, which makes the shoe itself feel more pliable, bendy, and smooth. We have also replaced Box Calf with Nappa Leather and added many new options suck as Canvas, Metallic Calf, and even VEGAN leathers!


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