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Horween X Baseball Glove Leather Card Case


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  • Material: Horween X Baseball Glove Leather
  • Measurements: 4×3″

Handcrafted in the USA

Horween X Baseball Glove Leather Card Case

These wallets are handcrafted in the USA, using Baseball Glove leather, from the famed Horween Tannery located here in our hometown of Chicago.  Made in limited numbers, these handcrafted wallets will last years, and develop their own unique patina, depending on your use, and oiling of the leather.  Our Horween X Baseball Glove wallets are shipped without a finishing oil/wax treatment by default, but you may request a leather treatment, or oil them yourselves just like you would your baseball glove.

Horween ball glove leather is a straight chrome tannage and is designed to meet the demanding expectations of professional athletes. This tannage is specifically formulated to yield the strength, durability, and temper that are ideal for repetitive use. Only the very finest full grain hides are selected for this fully aniline, oiled leather.

Horween X Baseball Glove Leather is the traditional leather Horween has provided for the past 60-plus years. This leather is a firmer temper glove tannage that has been widely used in the top leagues around the world. This leather will yield a firm glove that will be broken in by the player to their liking