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What is a Shoe Tree and Why Should You Use Them?

Many individuals are willing to invest a significant amount of money in exquisite, high-quality dress shoes. However, the unfortunate reality is that often people neglect the time and effort required for proper shoe care, resulting in their deteriorating condition. Consequently, individuals end up having to replace their dress shoes sooner than required..

Those who neglect their shoe care routine often end up with wrinkled and misshapen footwear. But fear not, for there’s a simple solution: a shoe tree. Let’s be clear, cardboard or crumpled newspaper won’t cut it. Only a proper shoe tree can keep your shoes looking fresh, as if they were brand new, and prevent unsightly wrinkles, ultimately prolonging their lifespan. That’s precisely why we include a shoe tree with each pair of men’s shoes. Now, you may be wondering, what exactly is a shoe tree? Stay tuned as we unveil all the benefits of using this remarkable accessory.

What is a Shoe Tree?

A shoe tree is a clever device shaped like a shoe, designed to keep your dress shoes in pristine condition. Resembling a wooden foot, this insert consists of several parts, including a front section that elevates the toe area and a heel portion that stabilizes the back of the shoe. When you reflect on it, premium leather shoes tend to develop unsightly wrinkles in areas that lack support when left unworn. This is precisely the problem that shoe trees aim to resolve.

Shoe trees can be crafted from various materials, such as plastic and different types of wood. While plastic shoe trees offer affordability and lightweight convenience for travel, wooden shoe trees are indispensable. They provide superior support and structure for dress shoes, preventing moisture buildup and revitalizing them by deterring odor-causing bacteria.

What Sizes Do Shoe Trees Come In?

Properly caring for your dress shoes hinges on using the right size shoe tree. If the tree is too large, the shoes will stretch out and become too big. Conversely, a shoe tree that’s too small may result in slight wrinkling due to inadequate support. To find the perfect fit, ensure that the shoe tree easily slides into the shoe and firmly fills out the front without excessive movement. Shoe trees typically accommodate a range of sizes, such as 6 to 7.5, 8 to 9.5, 10 to 12, and so forth.

How Do You Use a Shoe Tree?

After removing your dress shoes, insert a shoe tree into each pair. If your shoes are damp due to sweat or rain, allow them to air-dry for approximately an hour before inserting the shoe trees. Leave the shoe trees in the shoes for a minimum of 24 hours or until you intend to wear them again. This practice ensures optimal shoe maintenance and longevity.

To properly insert shoe trees into your dress shoes, follow these steps with care: Gently slide the front part of the shoe tree into the shoe, ensuring it is positioned as far forward as possible. This allows the toe area to expand, preventing unsightly wrinkles. If the shoe tree doesn’t fit snugly, it may be the wrong size. Utilizing a shoe tree is a simple yet effective practice. Take a few extra minutes after removing your shoes to give them the care they deserve by using a shoe tree.

Benefits of Using a Shoe Tree

Proper shoe care is incomplete without the inclusion of shoe trees. These invaluable accessories significantly extend the lifespan of your dress shoes. Discover the key advantages of utilizing shoe trees below and ensure your shoes remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Maintain Original Size and Shape

Leather shoes require additional support as they tend to be more pliable compared to fabric shoes. While leather shoes offer sufficient support when worn, it is crucial to use shoe trees when they are stored in the closet. Implementing a shoe tree helps preserve the smoothness and prevent wrinkles in the leather when the shoes are not being worn, effectively eliminating any unsightly creases on the shoe’s surface.

Wrinkled shoes not only look unflattering but neglecting to use a shoe tree can also impact the shape and size of your footwear. Leather shoes, when damp from sweat or rain, have a tendency to shrink upon drying. This shrinkage varies among shoes, but it typically results in a tighter and less comfortable fit. After investing a significant amount of money in a high-quality pair of dress shoes, nobody wants to unexpectedly find themselves wearing shoes that are too small.

Make Shoe Polishing Easier

To maintain the beauty of your leather shoes, including shoe polishing in your regular shoe care routine is essential. However, when shoes develop creases or minor damage, polishing them can be a challenge. The polish tends to distribute unevenly and can even get trapped in the wrinkles. That’s where a shoe tree comes in handy. By supporting the leather, the shoe tree lends you an extra hand when it comes to shoe care, making polishing a breeze.

Absorb Moisture & Prevent Odors

To effectively ventilate and maintain the condition of your leather shoes, utilizing a wooden shoe tree is recommended. By gently expanding the shoes, it facilitates the escape of moisture and humidity, while effectively thwarting unwelcome odors. For optimal results, promptly insert the shoe trees within an hour of taking off the shoes. Furthermore, allowing leather shoes to thoroughly dry for a full day after each use contributes to preserving their shape. Emphasizing the absorption of sweat and moisture is crucial in preventing the inner lining from deteriorating and safeguarding the leather from developing cracks.



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